Aluminium Cans

We source and sell various types of metals (ferrous & non-ferrous). As a way of encouraging recycling of more aluminium cans, Boldstep is offering to pay a small token amount for your empty aluminium non magnetic cans (beers, soft drink, energy drinks, washed foil etc,). We also accept magnetic cans (Steel Cans) but don’t make a payment for these.Learn More


Repair and Refurbished Tractors for sale

In other to encourage mechanised farming that can increase food production Boldstep, through the use of refurbished tractors and implements, will source these at low prices for interested farmers

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Repair, Refurbishing and Re-use of used/broken bicycles

Boldstep is passionate about sustainability and environmental management of resources. For this reason we encourage re-using the reusable, repairing the repairable, refurbishing the refurbish-able, recycling the recyclable and recovering the recoverable.

Broken and used bicycles are sourced, repaired and refurbished ready for sale. As our corporate social responsibility one out of every five refurbished bicycles will be given free to Nigerian farmers struggling to increase farm yield due to lack of transportation. In some parts of Nigeria, farmers walk as much as 5 miles to their farm with firewood on their head just to put food on the table and send their children to school. Our bicycles will help to increase their productivity and improve their way of life.

We educate the general public and businesses on the need to avoid wasting scarce resources and the importance of this for future generation. Here at Boldstep we see waste as a resource rather than rubbish. We strongly believe that if the level of wastage in society  continues, there is possibility that future generations will struggle to meet their own needs.

Used and broken bicycles needed for repair, refurbished and reuse

Next Steps…

If you have any of the above items and want join Boldstep in the fight against unnecessary waste, or if you have other items which you feel we may be interested in, please feel free to contact us to discuss. Contact us