Our vision

To create a sustainable development community/environment that will enable future generations to meet their own needs.

Our Mission and Commitment

In our developmental journey, we plan to re-use the reusable, repair the repairable, refurbish the refurbish-able, recycle the recyclable and recover the recoverable. We intend to;

• Help reduce the amount of damage done to the soil and environment during the process of extracting Aluminium from Bauxite.
• Save the quantity of energy that would have been used to produce a fresh new aluminium from primary resources.
• Reduce the amount of plastic bottles that end up on streets, alleyways, parks as well as in drainage systems, rivers, canals and water channels.
• Keep our community clean and healthy and maintain a welcoming environment.
• Discourage fly tipping and illegal dumping of recyclable household waste in public places.
• Contribute our part to reducing carbon emissions as much as we can.
• Join hands with the Government in meeting their recycling targets.
• Help the Government to save costs in keeping the environment clean and tidy.

Our Story

Boldstep is a dream project of Oladimeji popularly know as Ola. We are an environmental and sustainability service provider with keen interest in making the environment a better place. Our hunger for clean, sustainable and manageable environment was the drive for starting Boldstep Resources. We observed that there is room for more resources management companies especially in the waste management sector where waste has become more of a resource than a menace. Our streets, parks, alleyways etc are littered with cans and plastic; and with continuous budget cuts in local authorities, it is time for private sector organisations and environmentalists to step in, step up, take charge and help the Government to close loop holes in areas where resources are wasting away.

Meet the man behind the scene

Here is Ola an environmentalist, conservationist, engineer, sustainability expert and student in the school of learning and knowledge. Ola has a Bachelors degree in Agriculture Engineering from Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria. A Post Graduate Diploma in project management from the Federal University of Owerri, Nigeria. A Masters in Project Management from Coventry University, United Kingdom and a Post Graduate Certificate in Sustainability and Environmental Management from Staffordshire University, United Kingdom

Ola is also a;

Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Waste Management UK. (ACIWM)

Practitioner Member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment UK. (PIEMA)

Corporate Member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (MNSE)

Member of the Council of Registered Engineers of Nigeria (COREN).

Ola has seen first hand how riches can go down the drain within a short time and that poverty is no good friend either. This is the driving factor behind his dream and the reason why we need to manage our resources so as to enable future generations to meet their own needs.

Ola is married with two children and lives at home in Lichfield, United Kingdom. In his spare time he enjoys singing, dancing and watching football, Lawn tennis and table tennis.


Oladimeji Ogunjimi (Ola)

Founder & Project Manager

Next Steps...

For more information about resources management or to chat to and meet Ola for a cup of tea please contact us.