Used and broken bicycles needed for repair, refurbished and reuse

Our services include

Collection of old used bicycles for refurbishment (one out of every five refurbished bicycles is given to support good causes e.g farmers who need mobility to increase their farm yield in Nigeria).


Our services include

We accept and collect used or broken household items meant to be discarded e.g ,cooker, microwave, oven, T.V, radio set, cooking utensils, washing machine, tumble drier, children toys, shoes, bags, clothes. We then access these items for reuse, up-cycling and recovery.

Tractor MF 135

Our service include

We source repairable and refurbish-able tractors and implements for low income farmers who specialise in mechanised farming.


Recycling bins and reusable sack

  • We supply wheelie bins of any colour and size of your choice.
  • We also encourage the use of reusable sacks for shopping, domestic, industrial use; and supply them in various sizes, colours and shapes.

Aluminium, metal cans and plastic

We source and collect various types of cans for recycling and recovery purposes to help keep the community neat, healthy and increase recycling target. However, we do not accept or collect cans with chemical contents.


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